Did you know? 

There is a difference between training and behavior modification! While training teaches the dog functional skills (sit, down, come, etc), behavior modification focuses on teaching your dog coping and adaptation skills in stressful situations and environments. 

Did you know? 

Redirection onto a new activity, suppression through correction, and using force to help your pet overcome issues may just make the problem worse. You need to address the underlying conflict and identify triggers to help modify your dog's behavior response. We're here to offer a new approach to your dog's needs based on science! 

Did you know? 

In severe cases, the use of medication can greatly assist in the progress of behavior modification. We are happy to work alongside your veterinarian to ensure your dog has the best possible chance at success! 

Did you know?

Behavior modification does NOT happen over night. It may take weeks, months, or even years of diligent management and training to help your dog conquer any psychological issues. We are here to help you establish attainable short-term solutions while also focusing on long-term goals. 

Did you know?

Learning to read your dog's body language is a vital part of assessing their emotions. We will help you decipher the canine mind by observing and sequencing posture, movements, and expression.


We take a clinical approach to issues related to fear, anxiety, aggression, compulsion, and other extreme behavior problems.


90 minutes, $250

An in depth 90 minute consult will help us establish:

  • The origin of the behavior issue and it's role as a coping mechanism

  • Body language and how the behavior is expressed (or progresses) 

  • Diagnosis including severity of behavior in relation to norms 

  • Identify triggers and thresholds

  • Understand how prevention and management can influence behavior

  • Suggest alterations to owner's interactions, household, or lifestyle 

  • Give a prognosis and oversight to the process of behavior modification 

  • Take pet's welfare into consideration for long term rehabilitation



  • We only schedule behavior consultations referred to us by a veterinarian

  • We require a veterinary assessment and full bloodwork (CBC and Chem) to rule out underlying medical issues prior to your appointment. 

  • Bookings are very limited! You may have to wait 2-3 weeks before an appointment is available. 

  • We require payment at scheduling to solidify your booking. 

If you have spoken to us about making an appointment, please fill out our behavior questionnaire in order to ensure we have your pet's history and can best prepare before your lesson. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible! 

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