We are happy to help teach your dog coping strategies for behavior problems related to fear, anxiety, compulsion, impulse control, and aggression. 

We begin with an initial consultation to give an objective assessment of your situation, identify triggers, and begin management protocols. We will then make recommend an compile a custom follow-up program to work through and address your dog's behavior issues. 

We help with:

- On Leash Reactivity 

- Dog-Dog Aggression 

- Dog-Human Aggression

- Separation Anxiety 

- Generalized Anxiety 

- Fear and Confidence Issues 

- Compulsive Behaviors 

- High prey drive behaviors (chasing livestock and other pets) 

We have a very limited availability for behavior cases, so please get in touch sooner rather than later, if you are needing help. 

DOWNLOAD OUR BEHAVIOR INFO SHEET and read it prior to making an inquiry! This document includes our process and pricing for behavior services.