Our 5 day boot camp program is ​a rigorous training process focused on owner handling and dog compliance. Join us Monday-Friday during select weeks to work on real life situations and skills at a variety of venues. 

Lessons are held for 90 minutes to allow multiple exercises and breaks. Class is held from 10:30am - noon for 5 days in a row. The full cost of the boot camp is $495.


 You will be given after-school homework to practice for when you go home. A basic understanding or previous experience is a bonus, but not a requirement. 

We welcome dogs of all skill levels and ages. This camp is NOT suitable for dogs who are fearful, aggressive, or anxious. Please ensure your dog is food motivated before participating.



Here's a breakdown of the program! 

Obedience commands include: 

  • Sit 

  • Down

  • Come 

  • Stay 

  • Leave It 

  • Walking on Leash

Life skills and problem solving includes: 

  • Pulling 

  • Jumping 

  • Rushing through the door 

  • Polite visitor greetings 

  • Ignoring Distractions 

Locations include:

  • Spilman Park

  • Rady Park 

  • Warrenton Greenway

  • Old Town Warrenton 

Additional fun activities which may be included:

  • Swimming 

  • Nosework

  • Rally Obedience 

  • Tricks Training 

Register below to reserve a spot. Please make sure to read our Terms and Conditions before participating.

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