Don't let the title fool you - our 5 day intensive boot camp program is more about the owner/handler than the dog! This course is designed for dogs and owners who have a basic foundation in training, but need to tune up and shape up their dog to face working together in the real world. The main focus is handler consistency and training, but we still incorporate fun activities for your dog like agility, nose work, tricks, rally obedience, and more.


Spaces are limited to 4 participants with 2 trainers to allow for a semi-private learning environment. We have 2 instructors to help with this program so you get LOADS of feedback. Lessons are 60 minutes each to allow decompression time and breaks for you and your dog. Feel free to bring a snack for yourself and plenty of treats, water, and poop bags for your dog. 

REQUIREMENTS​: dog should know what the "yes" marker means. Basic foundation for sit, down, stay, and focus are required to excel in this program.

This program focuses on these obedience commands:

  • Focus and engagement 

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Come 

  • Leave It 

  • Wait 

  • Place 

  • Loose Lead Walking 

  • Heeling 

Training concepts covered during this program include:

  • Working through distractions (proofing) 

  • Working in different environments (generalization) 

  • Setting your dog up for success 

  • How to appropriately redirect the dog for unwanted behavior 

  • Use of different rewards / motivators 

  • Use of different corrections / interruptors 

To help prepare your dog for the real world, we meet at a variety of locations for our training lessons. We will be at: Spilman Park, Rady Park, Old Town Warrenton, and the Warrenton Greenway. 


Reservations are taking through this website on a first come / first serve basis. Boot Camps are held once a month from May-September. In the event of inclement weather for the whole week, the course may be pushed back by 1 week from the initial start date. If you plan on reserving a space this course, please plan to accommodate this change as we can not always predict the weather. 

Lessons are held 11AM-12PM for 5 days in a row Monday-Friday. Our next boot camp is scheduled to start Monday September 13th!