Boarding Camp K9O


Camp is here! We are excited to offer a new intensive training experience for four legged friends!​ As part of their two week stay with Charlotte, your pup will learn obedience skills, impulse control, focus around distractions, and more! The cost of each 10-day program is $1900. We have a few options available based on your needs:

Option 1: Base Camp

This program focuses on teaching the basics using purely positive reinforcement methods. Your dog will learn the foundation skills of all good training:

  • Name Recognition

  • Loose Lead Walking 

  • Sit 

  • Down 

  • Stay 

  • Come

Option 2: Elevation Gain

If your dog is solid on the basics, it may be time to up the game. This program teaches intermediate level skills and adds further distraction to already learned behaviors. A combination of methods using positive and negative reinforcement are used. We will cover: 

  • Leave It 

  • Wait 

  • Place 

  • Settle Down 

  • Recall with Distractions 

  • Extended stays 

Option 3: Peak Performance

Our most advanced program focuses on distractions, generalization of commands, and off leash skills. We will still reward your dog - but will also be introducing humane e-collar training. We will perfect: 

  • Basic obedience skills 

  • Intermediate obedience skills 

  • Off leash compliance 

  • Heel work 


Your dog will receive three twenty minute training sessions each day. An additional 3 potty breaks are also provided. Dogs are fed twice daily in addition to working for their food and rewards during training. 

While staying at our farm your dog will also enjoy: swimming in our pond, tagging along horseback rides, playing with our resident dogs, and going on hikes! Let us know if you want your dog to try agility, rally obedience, or any other fun activity! 

We will take your dog on a minimum of 3 real-world outings to ensure practice in a distracting setting. We will also naturally address common nuisance issues such as jumping, chasing cars, barking, etc. Just let us know your goals when making a reservation!


In order to care for your dog as one of our own pack members, we limit our camp members to one participant at a time. Keeping the well being of your dog and ours in mind - we have set aside some criteria in order for dog to join us: 

  • Must be friendly. No dog or people aggression. We are unable to address extreme fear related issues as well. 

  • Must be crate trained. Your dog will be housed in a 4ft x 4ft kennel when not working. Crate training in a new environment can cause undo stress on your dog. 

  • Must be up-to-date on vaccines including Rabies, Distemper, and Lepto. Bordatella vaccine is recommended, but not required. 

  • Must be on flea and tick as well as heart worm prevention. Make sure to let us know the last time you administered these meds. 

  • No separation anxiety please! A boarding situation can exacerbate the problem. It's best to work that in your own home. 

  • No history of high prey drive. We have horses, chickens, goats, ducks, and CATS - who rather not be harassed in their own home :) 

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