At K9ology, we provide traditional weekly group classes for those looking for a structured puppy, obedience and manners, or impulse control class. 

Our group classes meet at the same time and day once a week for the duration of the program. Each lesson is approximately 45 minutes in length each.

In order to give you individual attention in a group environment, we limit our classes to 6 canine participants. 


We require dogs over 18 weeks of age and older to be up-to-date on core vaccines including Rabies and Distemper.


For puppies under 18 weeks of age we recommend a minimum of one distemper vaccine before participating in a group class.


We do not require, but recommend your dog is vaccinated agains Bordatella and Canine Flu. Please speak to your veterinarian regarding further vaccine protocols and recommendations.  

Please note, our group classes are not suitable for dogs which aggressive, show signs of fear, suffer from anxiety, or are overwhelmed in new environments. Not sure if groups classes are right for you?  Use our Group vs. Private Training Assessment to better help determine where to start. 


  • Your dog and any immediate family members 

  • A copy of their up-to-date Rabies and Distemper vaccines 

  • Treat bag for holding and easy access to rewards 

  • PLENTY of high value treats your dog loves! (or bring their meal!) 

  • Poop bags for waste pickup 

  • Toys where applicable and as an alternate reward

  • Long lines are welcome, but please no retractable / Flexi leads 

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