Duration: 4 weeks

Price: $125

# of Participants: 6 

This 4 week class is specifically designed for dogs who are excitable, impatient, and easily distracted. Let us help you train specific exercises to help with focus, impulse control, general compliance, and more - for a relaxed, well balanced, and focused dog. An ideal supplement to any of our private programs and a great follow on to private lessons, our K9 Citizen or Community K9 class! 

​We will be working on:

  • Captured behavior for offered control 

  • Polite meals: sit / stay / ok / take it 

  • Slow hand feeding 

  • Automatic sit with visitors 

  • Settle down 

  • Place / go to bed 

  • Engagement games to build focus 

  • How to appropriately play with your dog 

  • Go crazy! / chill out! 


For dogs and puppies 20 weeks of age and older.

Must be up-to-date on Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccines.

Dogs must be dog and human friendly.

Prerequisites: K9 Star Puppy, K9 Citizen, or equivalent private program. 

Please note, our group classes are not suitable for dogs which aggressive, show signs of fear, suffer from anxiety, or are overwhelmed in new environments. Not sure if groups classes are right for you?  Use our Group vs. Private Training Assessment to better help determine where to start. 

IMPULSE CONTROL SAT 03/21/20 - 12:30PM

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