$175 for 6 weeks. Maximum of 6 canine participants!


This 6 week course focuses on all the puppy necessities to set your puppy up for success. Puppies who complete all 6 lessons will be eligible to receive the AKC Star Puppy certificate.



 As part of the program we will cover: 


  • Fool proof toilet training! Learn how to be consistent at preventing accidents, and how to teach your dog to let you know it's time to go! 

  • Crate training for good household management.


  • Troubleshooting play biting and instilling good bite inhibition. 

  • Socialization skills for a confident puppy! We work on teaching your pup adaptation skills to sounds, textures, other people, and off leash play with other pups! 


  • Desensitization to handling and restraint for examination by your vet, grooming, and care. 

  • Basic Obedience commands such as name recognition, sit, down, come, drop it, and walking on leash. 

Requirements: Puppies must be between 8-20 weeks of age at the start of class. For adolescent pups over 20 weeks of age, please check out our K9 Citizen classPuppies should have at least 1 distemper/parvo vaccine prior to participating. 

To reserve a spot, simply register for one of our classes below. Due to small class sizes our programs fill fast! 

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