Learn to think outside the box! This class offers fun interactions for you and your dog! We cover a variety of tricks through luring, shaping, capturing, and prompting behaviors. Participants will be offered to apply for for certification for the AKC novice trick dog title throughout the course. A great way to build confidence and strengthen the bond between you and your canine! 

As part of the course, your dog will learn:

- Spin and twist 

- Crawl 

- Take a bow 

- Beg / sit pretty 

- Play dead 

- Roll over 

- Paws up

- Shake / high five / pound it 

- Walking around a cone 

- Jump through hoop 

- Turn on push light 

- Learn to read cues / cue cards 

- Leg weave 

- Figure 8 through legs 

- The cone game 

- Hand discrimination 

- Wave 

- .... AND MORE! 

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