Select from one of our 3, 5, or 8 lesson programs!
Learn to teach your dog what is expected using force-free methods based on success not failure! 
Our 3 lesson BASICS program is great for addressing  nuisance behaviors. 
The 5 lesson PLUS program offers a solid foundation for obedience and manners training. 
Our 8 lesson ULTRA program offers basic obedience  advanced manners and training in the real world! 


Our obedience and manners lessons focus on teaching your dog to be the a well balanced companion. A great option for owners looking to introduce basic commands, brush up on skills, or wanting to curb nuisance behaviors.

Our 35-40 minute lessons help owners introduce engagement skills, focus, and impulse control. Our goal is to help you become a consistent guardian for your pet for a successful training relationship. Check out what our programs have to offer! 

If your dog is experiencing issues related to aggression, anxiety, or extreme fear, please contact your veterinarian for a referral to a certified behaviorist. 

Our pre-packaged programs include: 



Individual sessions to brush up on behaviors or assess your dog's skill set.

MANNERS BASICS (3 Sessions) 

$325, Save $125

Name recognition / focus, sit, touch, come, down, stay, loose lead walking.

MANNERS PLUS (5 Sessions) 

$550, Save $200

Covers all that of our 3 lesson program and ... 

Polite greetings / dealing with jumping, leave it, recall off distraction, 

MANNERS ULTRA (8 Sessions)
$850, Save $350

Covers all that of our 5 lesson program and ... 

Settle down, wait, go to bed / place, generalization to public (lesson at the Warrenton Branch Greenway) 

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