Private lessons allow for flexible scheduling! Ideal for owners who are unable to commit to a weekly group class, and dogs which may be unsuitable for a group setting.​ Working one on one with a trainer offers a more in-depth approach to training compared to a group class. Our focus is on owner handling skills and assisting with troubleshooting specific issues. 


Lessons can be booked to meet your scheduling needs. Select from single lessons, or one of our discounted 3, 5, or 8 lesson programs! Each lesson is 35-45 minutes in length. We recommend meeting once every 1-2 weeks to ensure consistency in your training. 

Programs range from $105 - $1300 depending on your selection and needs. 



Let us teach you all about: play biting, toilet training, crate training, destructive chewing, socialization, handling desensitization, impulse control, polite feedings, basic obedience and more. 


Puppy training is all about instilling preventative measures to ensure your dog grows into a confident and well adjusted adult. The more guidance your dog receives during the early stages of learning, the less likely you are to have problem behaviors in the future. 


Our obedience and manners lessons focus on teaching your dog to be the a well balanced companion. A great option for owners looking to introduce basic commands, brush up on skills, or wanting to curb nuisance behaviors. Our trainers help owners introduce engagement skills, focus, and impulse control. Our goal is to help you become a consistent guardian for your pet for a successful training relationship. 

Let us help you with jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, coming when called, impulse control around distractions, visitor greetings, and more! 


We take a clinical approach to issues related to fear, anxiety, aggression, compulsion, and other extreme behavior problems.

Our initial consultation will help us understand:

  • The origin of the behavior issue and it's role as a coping mechanism

  • Body language and how the behavior is expressed (or progresses) 

  • Diagnosis including severity of behavior in relation to norms 

  • Identify triggers and thresholds

  • Understand how prevention and management can influence behavior

  • Suggest alterations to owner's interactions, household, or lifestyle 

  • Give a prognosis and oversight to the process of behavior modification 

  • Take pet's welfare into consideration for long term rehabilitation

Follow-up programs will help build your dog's confidence, adaptation skills, and owner understanding of triggers and behaviors. Our aim is to use prevention, management, and redirection to help you and your dog. 


Service animals are specifically selected, socialized, and trained to assist owners with physical or psychological health conditions in day-to-day tasks. There are a variety of jobs service dogs may perform including: hearing assistance, guide dogs for the blind, mobility aid, medical alert, and psychological support. 


*We do not work with or train emotional support dogs as they are not recognized as legitimate working dogs by local and national legislation* 

Our job is to help owners select a canine partner to truly match the correct size, energy level, drive, and needs of the human team member. We take into consideration family structure, lifestyle, hobbies, work, and extra curricular activities and train the dog for the owner's daily life today - and prepare the dog for work throughout the future. 

Our training program requires a minimum of 48 lessons of training. We help dogs acquire: obedience, manners, control, socialization, public access skills, and specific owner-directed tasks in order to meet  Virginia and national ADA requirements.


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