Private training lessons are an ideal for:

  • Addressing specific issues not appropriate for a group class

  • Owners who need more flexible scheduling

  • Getting the whole family involved in training

  • Working with multi-dog households 


Each 45 minute lesson can be customized to meet the needs of you and your dog. We offer 3, 5, 8, and 12 lesson programs. We recommend scheduling lessons every 1-2 weeks to ensure you stay on track!

We are happy to provide lessons in the comfort of your home or yard. Looking to add distractions? We can incorporate real-world learning opportunities into your curriculum!​



Let's get your pup started on the right paw! We are happy to help you with:

  • Crate training

  • Toilet training

  • Socialization

  • Handling desensitization 

  • Basic obedience and manners 

  • Family cooperation and household integration

Puppy training sets the foundation for your relationship and your dog's future potential. It's all about preventing unwanted issues, carefully structures socialization for adaptation, and showing your dog how to live in the human world. 


Sometimes bad habits happen. You just don't know what to do. Your dog is driving you nuts. Obedience and manners training can go a long way in helping your dog be a civilized canine citizen. Things covered include:

  • Name Recognition and Focus 

  • Touch

  • Sit 

  • Down

  • Stand

  • Come

  • Stay 

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Wait

  • Leave It 

  • Drop It 

  • Place 

  • and more!



We are happy to help teach your dog coping strategies for behavior problems related to fear, anxiety, compulsion, impulse control, and aggression. 

We begin with an initial consultation to give an objective assessment of your situation, identify triggers, and begin management protocols. We will then make recommend an compile a custom follow-up program to work through and address your dog's behavior issues. 

We help with:

- On Leash Reactivity 

- Dog-Dog Aggression 

- Dog-Human Aggression

- Separation Anxiety 

- Generalized Anxiety 

- Fear and Confidence Issues 

- Compulsive Behaviors 

We have a very limited availability for behavior cases, so please get in touch sooner rather than later, if you are needing help. 

DOWNLOAD OUR BEHAVIOR INFO SHEET and read it prior to making an inquiry! This document includes our process and pricing for behavior services.

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