Not all dogs are born with service dog potential. Often, pets already in the home do not meet the requirements to be a full time working dog. On occasion, we do make exceptions pending a behavioral evaluation.

We acquire dogs from both rescues and breeders depending on your individual needs.

The price of a fully trained service dog averages about $20-$50k depending on the age, skill level, and training involved. Our program offers a cost effective alternative.

Our 48 lesson program includes obedience and manners, public access skills, and specialty task training specific to your condition.




Service animals are specifically selected, socialized, and trained to assist owners with physical or psychological health conditions in day-to-day tasks. There are a variety of jobs service dogs may perform including: hearing assistance, guide dogs for the blind, mobility aid, medical alert, and psychological support. 


*We do not work with or train emotional support dogs as they are not recognized as legitimate working dogs by local and national legislation* 



Our job is to help owners select a canine partner to truly match the correct size, energy level, drive, and needs of the human team member. We take into consideration family structure, lifestyle, hobbies, work, and extra curricular activities and train the dog for the owner's daily life today - and prepare the dog for work throughout the future. 

Our training program requires a minimum of 48 lessons of training. We help dogs acquire: obedience, manners, control, socialization, public access skills, and specific owner-directed tasks in order to meet  Virginia and national ADA requirements.


At K9OLOGY LLC we believe everyone with a medical need should have access to a service dog. Our costs are restricted to training lessons as owners work through our trainer-guided program to completion. Download our payment options and program breakdown to view pricing.


Upon completion of training, all candidates must pass a certification test in order to graduate from our Service Dog Training Program. The test evaluates obedience and manners, public access skills, and specialty tasks aimed to mediate the owners condition. Dogs with a score of 75% or higher will hold a valid certificate for 2 years from the testing date. Recertification is required every 24-36 months to ensure the standard of training is upheld. 

Learn more about our certification process and criteria 

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